Visit Our School

We are glad you are interested in our program and we welcome you to visit our school.  Please call us at 315-525-6467 to schedule an appointment.  Below are the guidelines for observing our classroom.

A Guide to Observing our Classroom

Plan to stay about 30 minutes and please remain in the observation area.  May we also ask that you refrain from interrupting the children or engaging them in conversation.  If they talk to you, just smile and remain passive or tell them you have come to watch them work.  When you have finished observing, please slip out the door as quietly as possible.  It is important to remember that observation has its limitations.  Actions do not alway provide a thorough explanation.  If you have any questions about what you have observed, feel free to visit the office and ask us.  We would be happy to answer any questions as well as receive your impressions and reactions.

Here are some things you may wish to observe:
  1. Freedom of movement of the child as he/she engages in various tasks.
  2. Variation of ages within the classroom.
  3. Freedom of choice in terms of tasks and length of time the child spends with his/her work.
  4. Non-competitive atmosphere allowing the child to set his/her own goals at an egocentric stage in his/her development.
  5. A "prepared" environment:  materials which are child-size and aesthetically pleasing.  Note the orderly arrangement of materials, each having its own place.
  6. Possibilities within the environment for working alone, working with others, or the mere observation of others working.
  7. Note the ability to concentrate and to be absorbed, and how it varies from child to child.  Also note how certain exercises serve to focus their attention on an isolated stimulus.
  8. The role of the teacher as a "facilitator" in the learning process rather than the traditional group leader.
  9. Note the different lengths of time the children are involved in their work.
Thank you for your interest in our school and we hope your visit is useful.

Please call for an appointment

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