School Policies

Dress your child in clothing that is easy to manage, i.e. pants with elastic waist bands and clothes that encourage your child's independence and manipulative skills.  Keep the clothing casual and comfortable.  Please send in a change of clothing for your child that may remain in his or her bag to be used when necessary.  Dress children appropriately for the season and please put your child's name or a symbol your child will recognize on boots, jackets, raincoats, snowsuits, etc.  When wearing snow boots to school please be sure to provide a pair of shoes which he or she may change into.  No slippers, please

Our snack program relies on parental help and has been very successful.  Each child is asked to provide a small snack for their classroom for a week.  A snack schedule will be provided on a monthly basis.  Suggestions include seasonal fruits, vegetables, nuts, raisins, bread, peanut butter, crackers, etc.  Please make sure portions remain small.

Toys are not allowed in school.  Please keep in mind that books and materials with special educational value, if brought into the classroom, will be shared with all the children.

It is important that lines of communication between school and home are kept open.  Please feel free to call the school with any questions or concerns.

Parent-Teacher Conferences
We will have 3 contacts with you during the year to tell you about your child's progress.  The first will be a short phone call 6 to 8 weeks after school starts to tell you how things are going with your child.  The second will be a conference in January and the third will be a conference in June.

Each child must have a physical examination before starting school.  Please make sure that health certificates are updated.  Parents are urged to keep their children home if there is a question about his or her health.  Please remember, illness spreads rapidly in a school environment.

It is a policy of MVM not to administer medication.  Please adjust dosage so that it can be taken before or after school, or make arrangements to administer the medication yourself.


Tuition is payable in monthly installments by the first week of every month.  Accounts that are in arrears will be charged a late fee of $20.00.

School Closings

For inclement weather, we follow the Utica Public School District closings; if they are closed due to the weather, we will also be closed.  Closings will be announced on WKTV Newschannel 2 and  We also follow the Utica Public School District calendar for Holidays.  The teachers personal days will be in lieu of the Superintendent Conferences days.  You will be informed well in advance as to the school closings on these days.

Field Trips
Throughout the year, our children will have the opportunity to visit other places or events.  Your ideas and organising efforts will be most welcome.

Celebration of Birthdays
We have a Celebration of Life for birthdays.  Parents will be informed ahead of time as to what will be needed.  Treats can be sent in on these days.